Vocal Production

Your vocals are unique. They have a passion, energy and sound that only you can deliver. 


What you don’t have is the time and budget to spend days in the studio crafting the perfect vocal. The perfect vocal that not only has the raw, unmistakeable energy of a great performance, but is also in tune and in time. 


During the music industry’s hey-day of big budgets and multi-million selling artists, spending a few days trying to get the perfect take was a given, and indeed part of the process. 

Nowadays, the speed at which musicians have to great create content has been amplified to 10! In part because of the speed with which music lovers consume content, and partly because of the pace at which it can be created - both have technology to thank for that. The race to stay relevant and present tends to require outsourcing.


At Invisible Edits we take the time and stress out of polishing your vocals. All that’s required: a great vocal performance. We'll do the rest and takeaway the stress.



Our X Factor tuning video demonstrates how effectively we can time and tune and audio source.


The audio source material was an mp3 at 128kpbs bit rate.


This clip is free from digital artefacts and is what we would describe as a 'naturally' timed and tuned vocal.