Audio Editing

Armed with just a DAW like Logic Pro X or ProTools, it's now possible to record live audio in all manner of places. Whether you're just starting off as a bedroom producer, or you're a full time musician recording on the road, or in a big budget studio - we've got you covered with our extensive knowledge in audio editing. 

We can edit any instrument or vocal in a natural, clean way - free from digital artefacts, pops and clicks.



  • Bringing drum loops/MIDI to life

    • Using our 1TB bank of real drum samples, we can take your drum loops or MIDI files and bring them to life with the feel of a real drummer.

  • Enhancing home recordings

    • We can make home recordings or rehearsal room recordings sound like they’ve been done in a big-budget studio. We do this using a mixture of drum replacement and audio enhancement techniques and if necessary some quick manual edits to put them in time. We don’t even need a multi-track, just a mono/stereo recording is usually enough. 

  • Manual edits

    • Sometimes you get a great take tracking live with your band but there’s a rushed fill that needs tidying up, or maybe you need some live takes ‘comped’ together. We can do this efficiently without altering your audio. 


  • Live audio

    • Time and tune any instrument in a natural, invisible way

  • MIDI Replacement

    • We can replace MIDI for live, or live-sampled instruments on the following instruments:

      • Bass

      • Guitar (electric and acoustic)

      • Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavichord, Yamaha CP80 etc

      • Trumpet, Alto/Tenor/Baritone Sax, Trombone, Flute

Video coming soon...